Tuesday, 21 February 2012

SAP Interface Programming

With a strong emphasis on the RFC Library, this book presents the basic concepts for beginners SAP, ABAP Workbench tools essential points. Actual programming examples, and how our understanding of the client-server architecture, fault diagnosis, troubleshooting and more appropriate tools to assess exposure.

Comprehensive chapters on programming the RFC interface, SAP developers are experienced in diving and tRFC, qRFC, and parallel processing techniques, such as might be improved. Execution of BAPIs, ActiveX, JCO, and a wide range of highly detailed programming examples serve to fill this tremendous resource.

Features of SAP Interface Programming:
  • ABAP Workbench Tools
  • The client / server development
  • RFC library as a guide in detail
  • tRFC, qRFC, and parallel processing
  • Troubleshooting RFC
  • Business Objects, BAPIs, and ActiveX
  • Java Connector (JCO)

About the Author

Itelligence Johannes Meiners works for software developers and interface. Dr. Guillermo Na ¼ yesterday Paderborn, Germany University of Applied Sciences and Professor of Economics and holds seats on the Heinz-Nixdorf. Conferences on topics relating to Linux LinuxLab and previously worked for SAP.

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