Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sap (company), including: Sap R/3, Abap, Sap Ag, Sap Business One, Business Application Programming Interface, Sap R/2, Sap Arena, Sapgui, List Of Sap ... Call, Ecatt, Sap Implementation, Idoc

SAP R / 3, ABAP, SAP AG, SAP Business One, the programming interface for enterprise applications, the SAP R / 2, SAP Arena, SAPGUI, SAP, including a list of SAP (company). .. ECATT, SAP implementation, Call IDOC

Hephaestus and informative books on the various sources of content adaptation, which provides books to be treated is a new publishing paradigm. As you continue to grow in Books Hephaestus scope and size, in the public domain and licensed to add content, but so far it has been organized by the content of Wikipedia and Creative Commons images. We exchange information on these exciting new books, people believe represents a dictionary. This special book-SAP (company) is focused collaboration.

More information: SAP AG, a software applications company in the world and a German software company that provides support for businesses of all sizes. Worldwide, with regional offices in Walldorf, Germany, Center of the company in the world's largest company of SAP software (2009), dir. In addition, the company of Europe's largest software and worldwide fourth. The best known products of the company is the best Enterprise Resource Planning SAP (SAP ERP) and SAP BusinessObjects.

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