Thursday, 23 February 2012

SAP Event Management - SAP's Best Kept Secret

This book is exactly what you can do for your business, and that describes the SAP, reveals the secret of managing the event.

Very strong as a module of SAP, SAP Event Management, to monitor and control business processes to provide business functionality and offers exposure to processes that have a except against them. SAP Event Management enables companies to manage process exceptions.

Target audience of this book is as follows:

- Process optimization administrators, process management and visibility of the situation looking for ways to cut costs

- Team members can use SAP functionality related to EM

- These are probably the future of the best kept secret of SAP in order to use the system design and solution architects need to know about

Features of SAP Even Management are as follows:
  • Overview of SAP EM takes advantage and brings to the table at the end of the value of what is, what it contains, explains what it is. This is a must read for corporate system administrators and architects.
  •  Technical architecture options, basic services, and deployment to address the differences between versions.
  •  System applications, functionality and SAP Event Management
  • The organization showing the steps needed to successfully apply the methodology of SAP EM.
  • Troubleshooting guide.

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