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SAP BW Certification: A Business Information Warehouse Study Guide

Identifies areas to be covered in depth in a "What You Need to Know," including a list of exam topics, outlines.
  • Generally, a small test BW server may include exercise.

  • This information is for readers to evaluate the current exam topics include questions testing practices.

  • This complements the classroom training provided by SAP.

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Basic guide for SAP BW certification exam study is a concise and comprehensive

SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW), developed by SAP AG for SAP data warehouse-centric, data storage solution. SAP BW application consultants who want to demonstrate a basic knowledge of professionals in the SAP system and demonstrate the ability to apply this knowledge to the SAP BW certification exam need to pass the project environment. SAP BW Certification: A Business Information Warehouse Study Guide provides candidates with the necessary information to complete the training and certification.

Certification SAP BW important background information systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), SAP is the market leader with software that starts up the entire flow of information throughout the organization. Then the book refers to SAP BW and SAP as a whole, this kind of data modeling, reporting, and how you can raise that describes the basic functions of SAP BW. In this study, the guide features include:

  • Introduction to BW certification exam

  • The "look", "Optimization Tips" "The Limits", "", "SAP, SAP 's unique" and "new" include features such as discussions, including testing, abstract

  • Exercises can be done with a small test-BW server

  • Providing information to the reader to review current issues * Topics on testing and assessment practices

  • Simulation of a comprehensive review of the certification

Certification exam SAP BW or SAP BW delta (recertification) is preparing for the exam on the market today, the key experts study guide on SAP BW SAP BW certification.

About the Author

Catherine M. Roze IBM Global Services, is a consultant for business intelligence applications. O, a full cycle of life insurance intelligence / data warehouse for over six years experience and with a focus on SAP-centric organizations, specializing in ERP-based solutions. Roze SAP BW's MBA and MS (Industrial Technology) and are certified. He and Systems Science International Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Journal of Neurocomputing Journal wrote or co-authored numerous articles in publications such as.

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