Wednesday, 22 February 2012

SAP NetWeaver Roadmap

This book reader for the implementation of SAP NetWeaver, and a sound economic strategy in their institutions, offers a complete understanding.

Compiled from various industrial sectors for SAP NetWeaver in depth "road maps" (development plans), to explore. These are real examples of companies such as the issues of flexibility, innovation and cost considerations based on key criteria such as gostermektedir. Senaryolar much the way most appropriate for an integrated IT landscape completed by a systematic review of how it.

Further examples, all parts of technicians, installation, and give you complete information on the major functions and tasks. In addition, Web services and SAP Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA), can play an important role in providing a wide range of innovation and learning to react flexibly to market changes.

Features of SAP NetWeaver Roadmap:

  • Overview of SAP NetWeaver
  • The level of integration, standards, components, landscape architecture and requires a strategy, flexibility, innovation and cost reduction
  • SAP roadmaps: automotive, suppliers, energy suppliers and banks
  • Methodical approach
  • Web Services and ESA
  • SAP NetWeaver EP, KM, BW, MI, MDM, XI, Web components, AS

About the Author

Steffen Karch is a consultant SAP Consulting SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG. He focuses on strategy consulting firm that focuses on integration issues. Loren largely due to publication of BI SAP founder and CEO IBSolution Heilig GmbH, SAP NetWeaver SAP consulting market has made ​​a name for himself, a provider of innovative, special expertise partner.

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