Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Microsoft® .NET and SAP (Pro-Developer)

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the work Microsoft. NET to customize and extend SAP applications. Leading a team of experts, and Microsoft integration with SAP Business Intelligence based on Web services, Microsoft Office for dozens of actual examples (BI) solutions, reports, and walk on. Using a familiar Microsoft tools and user interface efficiency and low total cost of ownership increases. Find out how SAP back-end data published by

Discover how to:
  • Microsoft ® Visual Studio, Office of Visual Studio and BizTalk ® Server, including eye development environment and tools
  • Connect. Web services and tools such as SAP Enterprise Connector Service on the NET and SAP Explorer. NET Data Provider
  • SAP data through familiar Microsoft user interfaces to implement BI solutions to open
  • Expose data in Microsoft Office SharePoint ® Server SAP NetWeaver Portal
  • To view and search the content SAP without code, use the Business Data Catalog
  • Own Office Business Applications (OBA), Duo Building or to work
  • Form solutions for SAP applications and functionality of Microsoft Office Add the presence of
  • We provide a single sign-on solution

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