Wednesday, 15 February 2012

4GL: Fourth-generation programming language, SAS, ABAP, Harbour, Clarion, Uniface, Visual FoxPro, PowerBuilder, XHarbour, Nomad software

This book is based on the content of Wikipedia articles and other free online sources that formed the present note. Page: 65 Sections: programming language fourth-generation SAS, ABAP, Harbour, Clarion, Uniface, Visual FoxPro, PowerBuilder, xHarbour, Nomad Software, R: Base, CorVision, 4GL Linc, power, EGL, Clipper, Language OpenEdge Advanced Business, PROIV, FOCUS, FoxPro 2, OpenROAD, Mapper, flagship of the compiler, the Fund for application development, IBM Informix 4GL-, System / SB +, SheerPower4GL, Xbase + +, Data Flex, Forte 4GL, Visual Objects , Visual Data Flex, Cyber Query, Mark IV, Audit 4GL, Cerner CCL, Thomson Software Products, Ramis software, application forms, the basic classes of power, Build Professional. Quote: SAS ("sass," System analysis led to the statistical rule) allows programmers to SAS Institute Inc., an integrated software products supplied by: In addition, SAS offers solutions that many companies, by example, large-scale software solutions in areas such as IT management, human resources management financial management, business intelligence, customer relationship management and more. Performed on the data stored in the SAS table is driven by a sequence of operations that define the SAS program. 

No GUI programmers SAS (SAS Enterprise Guide, as, for example), although this usually only a GUI front end to facilitate automated manufacturing and the SAS program. SAS functions and procedures of the States in the form of components, intended to be accessed via application programming interfaces. Engines external data structures and data stored on computer platforms to allow remote access to libraries and library services SAS: A SAS program consists of three main parts. This is the fourth generation of SQL or other programming languages ​​oriented databases, such an approach as the cross section of a SAS data, assumes a default file structure, and automates the process I...

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