Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Configuring SAP ERP Sales and Distribution

The first and only book to provide a detailed description of SAP ERP and distribution sales

Modules, the latest version of SAP ERP Sales and Distribution (SD) as the only book offers a comprehensive set of this valuable resource, step by step, many conceptual explanations and examples are presented. If you are a SAP SD consultant or application within the company are responsible for managing, you'll want to put this valuable resource

With over 40,000 deployments, SAP, a leading software product enterprise resource planning (ERP) market

  • Covers the latest version of SAP ERP ECC 6.0

  • Quick to make, for advanced configurations Covers common, they say what level of experience in SAP

  • Describes the conceptual framework underlying the installation process

  • Your company uses the SD module, hold the hands of this indispensable guide.

Step by step guide to configure the SAP SD module

This practical guide data, pricing, sales, billing, shipping, transportation, and more sales and distribution of sub-modules, the setting is the key. The most common configurations and advanced SAP ECC 6.0 SD in the real world examples and step-by-step instructions follow. To establish an effective system and find a way to meet their business needs.

A review of the sales cycle through each step of the transaction codes finish Explore

  • Define the sales organization, according to the needs of a corporate structure

  • All elements of organization and understand how to connect the SD module

  • Show your teachers how to use the SD module data access and

  • All functions, including price, tax notices, product availability, billing, shipping and other configuration

  • Manage your account and the allocation of revenue recognition

  • Learn the latest techniques and best practices developed

  • Find useful transaction codes

About the Author

Kapil Sharma has eight years experience in SAP and in China, Mexico, Canada, completed localization projects for the U.S. and Europe. O, the analysis of business processes, application configuration and change management expert, specializing in sales and operations planning and management of distribution partners. Ashutosh Mutsaddi, a certified senior consultant and project manager for SAP solutions, SAP has 10 years experience in designing and implementing solutions. Throughout his career, many Fortune Europe, North America and Asia, has recommended that 100 companies. 3.1I to ECC 6.0 - SAP has worked versions of all major process engineering, business blueprinting, and system configuration and updating, competent.

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