Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Advanced BSP Programming

Readers of this book provides proven methods to address common challenges in the development of BSP. Each chapter-by-step instructions, and many developers, the problems encountered in their daily work provides practical guidance on the measures. BSP programming concepts in detail all the troubleshooting tips in this book is an indispensable addition to the library together to measure and improve technical performance of the inside information on specific advice. RSS provides detailed coverage of news from this single reference, F4, SAP GUI, the BSP contribute to the integration, and more. Also discussed in detail in BSP Extensions - If the BSP Element Expressions (bee), the BSP extension elements of production, use, and more, all about the events.

Features of Advanced BSP Programming:

  • Transport and HTTP URL

  • Authentication and session

  • Management

  • Performance

  • Extensions to the BSP, the BSP Element Expressions

  • Help Systems

  • Internationalization

  • Personalization

  • Document management

  • RSS

  • Interactive Excel

  • Mini-portals

About the Author

Walldorf SAP Web Dynpro ABAP Development Brian McKellar BSP and the architect. He worked mostly on BSP ticket for years and has been addressing the problem.

Thomas Jung, an application developer for the Kimball Electronics Group. In addition, the ASUG Web Technologies Special Interest (American SAP User Group) was the president.

SDN is also very active and regular BSP Both authors speak with technical help.

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