Thursday, 16 February 2012

Roadmap to (SAP (Premier Press))

MySAP Workplace and SAP mySAP solutions to work for the company to put through the use of the market. And components for the creation and implementation of SAP Markets CommerceOne marketplaces try to stay one step ahead of competition through the use of information provided. Get a project and a comprehensive understanding of what the author describes the tools available today and the future together as a means of implementation covers Get a strategic overview of the technology infrastructure. This book was developed using Web technology and the evolution of a new generation of Internet integration, as described in previous versions of SAP ALE and BAPI implementation, beginning with a discussion of architecture standards SAP Business Framework.

About the Author

Joseph A. Co-CEO of Systems Consulting is RealTech Hernandez Spain. Joseph "Implementation Guide SAP R / 3" This is the author of previous titles (in Spanish, published by McGraw-Hill Interamaricana), "SAP R / 3 SAP since 1994, was Jose.

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