Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Essentials on SAP NetWeaver Process Integration - A SAP Mentor Series

"This book is detailed information on various aspects of the development of SAP Process Integration (formerly SAP Exchange Infrastructure) to provide the reader. Chapters cover aspects of sections on the adapters, and regulated by the ABAP Java development, aspects of business process management, security, and other SAP XI / PI. The book also XI / PI (XI 3.0. IP 7.0, 7.1 IP) takes the reader through all major versions, and includes recent improvement package items for PI 7.1 (EHP1). Sen, server management, XI / PI fundamental steps in the development, we have detailed and solve common problems and find lasting solutions that offer performance improvement. We have compiled some SAP XI / PI projects for real-time integration to solve common problems and solutions can be used as a quick reference, or where guidance signals, such as collection of some good Articles. "This book is SAP integration process SAP professional should not be definitive source.

About the Author

Michal Krawczyk is a SAP integration expert consultant. It is in the computer SAP NetWeaver PI, IDocs, ALE, EDI has worked primarily with Poland, Finland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy, involved in projects in collaboration with the software SAP for more than 5 years of SAP CRM middleware and other integration technologies.
This integration process SAP (formerly Exchange Infrastructure) major contribution to the region for four years (2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009) graduated from the SAP Developer Network, the most active experts. In addition, the SAP Developer Network SAP Mentor three times (2007, 2008 and 2009) was awarded. Krawczyk also published by the Press Mastering SAP Business Scenarios with SAP IDoc PI ", co-author.

In more than 80 articles published on the RPS, Krawczyk also a professional Journal SAP, SAP CRM experts, human resource specialists in SAP, SAP SCM experts, including experts from SAP Solution Manager, SAP has written numerous articles published in various journals. Acquisitions and Development Consultant SAP NetWeaver - SAP ABAP Workbench 2003 Development Consultant SAP Exchange Infrastructure, SAP Certified Associate CRM Foundation with SAP CRM 2005, including SAP SRM has many certificates.
Michal Krawczyk hosted a joint presentation in Vienna in 2009, SAP TechEd and SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (AII) and active in the protests.

The. Co-founder and Michal, a portal dedicated to information about the main contributor to SAP NetWeaver PI

SAP-certified consultant to work with Wipro Technologies Integration Shabarish Vijayakumar. Vijayakumar S SAP ABAP experience in the past six years, mainly in India, many countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom, running SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (formerly SAP Exchange Infrastructure) has been in the field .
He SAP Developer Network (SDN) for three years was a major contribution in the field of SAP NetWeaver PI and SAP NetWeaver PI at the same time in the last two years, SAP has been a mentor.

Vijayakumar, such as the various retail areas such as manufacturing, utilities, human resources and business integration projects business integration in the field, not an expert.
O music, passionate about photography and love traveling. It also aims at the near future we hope to publish a collection of his poetry as a poet.

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