Wednesday, 29 February 2012

SAP BW Reporting And Analysis

According to their specific needs - detailed instructions for the implementation of this book, offers SAP BW reporting and analysis capabilities and optimize performance.

First, the BEx Query Designer, Designer, BEx Web Application and Web Parts in one of the important concepts of data presentation, followed by information on the basic functions of private information, you can find. Readers quickly and efficiently and concisely by mastering tools like SAP BW Business Information brodcasting learn how to present important data of the company. Detailed instructions and an example scenario in real life, to strengthen their efforts to create individual reports and analysis for the serious stage. In addition, valuable advice shows you how to take advantage of SAP Business Content.

Loaded with comprehensive information SAP BW glossary, SAP BW 3.5, an ideal companion for everyday work that is complete to date, this book does.

Features of SAP BW Reporting And Analysis:

  • Data Warehousing and SAP BW

  • SAP BW data presentation concepts and their implementation

  • Retail sample scenario in the real world

  • BEx Query Designer - definition and data analysis, query views and elements

  • BEx Web - Web Framework, BEx Web Application Designer Web elements, details

  • Transmission of information - information online and offline delivery reports, published in the SAP Enterprise Portal

  • SAP Business Content - Elements and use of

Attachments: BW dictionary, sample queries, transaction codes, metadata tables, the index

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