Saturday, 11 February 2012

Instant Access: SAP Developer's Reference for ABAP

This card is the first edition (still useful for most systems maintenance) After the success of the technical community, SAP America as part of their official training materials accepted this second edition. SAP itself, so here; if you had the opportunity to attend training can be based.

ABAP Workbench, the most important information:

  • The official instruction sets Dynpro ABAP and its derivatives
  • SAP Naming Conventions
  • Types of ABAP programs and structures
  • 80 The process of developing the most important
  • Custom tables and structures used in programming
  • Use of program events
  • Data types and conversion tables
  • ABAP Editor and Command Line
  • Reports that provide essential services and function modules


"In the beginning is an excellent reference for all the basics and advanced card ABAPers -. Naming rules, workflows, along with the reserved beauty program, the applicant - key transaction codes, tables, etc. is an important" - Shawn Collenburg, Texas

"Developer's Reference ABAP / 4" card, but detailed overview of the SAP development environment that provides a simple, proven to be an extremely useful tool. ABAP / 4, Table SAP ABAP / 4 and Keywords Dynpro and ABAP / 4 are presented in the folds of a quick reference card. . Ken Seabeck, SAP project team member, Nabisco Inc. - Reference Map "took place a few hundred pages of a search method using a standard

"Instant Access: SAP Reference ABAP / 4 is a complete tool for a welcome addition to the necessary tools for developers and thank SAP Consultants Network product provides a quick reference for the technical staff needed to support SAP World Development, and to see the need to address this need .. "- Lloyd Seltzer, Senior Project Manager SAP since 1989, Schindler Elevator Corp.


Instant Access SAP ABAP Developer Reference, 2nd Edition, the memory expansion program with everything needed to test, debug and tune out the ABAP application. This source of high-end SAP knowledge is a valuable tool for anyone working with the ABAP Workbench. To provide new and useful to use the information you have many years of experience in SAP, even.

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