Thursday, 1 March 2012

Ace the Technical Interview

Landing the job you want with this computer career guide - filled with thousands of interview techniques and interview answers to hard questions. Online Business, SAP, Linux, Java Servlet and updated to cover new technologies for more. With this bestselling book get a competitive edge in the job market today!

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Over 1600 interview questions and answers to technical questions difficult are available!

In the computer industry want you to land your dream job? Use this guide is an expert on interviewing techniques and gains a competitive advantage. Team developed a best-selling career guide. Now, more than 1600 answers to difficult questions, this reference updated to include technical discussions, you can get the job you want by using tested and developed. Web development, Linux, Cisco, PL / SQLi VB 6 and contains new material, this practical resource, and this mean to impress interviewers and say that you should do to ensure that the job you want. Industry professionals and recognized experts, technical interview, written by ACE, 4 Printing, computer use, or to break or to acquire expertise in the field helps to move to a new domain.

Extensive coverage includes:
  • Strategies to find the job you want
  • Web Development
  • ERP - SAP, including
  • Extended coverage in Java, including Java Servlets,
  • Cisco Interview New section
  • Range Linux update
  • New material from Oracle 8i

About the Author

Michael Rothstein Automated Trading Co., 2000, founder and president of a company to develop custom software for conversions. His credits as well as the bestseller in systems analysis, programming and the other three books on various aspects of information technology, considered the author of two previous versions. Professional UNIVAC, IBM and Motorola in the previous data processing, Mr. Rothstein also Citibank, Metropolitan Life and Blue Shield Cross / Blue, such as customers, has been an independent consultant. O Forest Hills, NY base. - This text refers to the print edition and not available for this title.

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