Saturday, 3 March 2012

SAP Exchange Infrastructure

This book, SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI), Release 3.0 Feature Pack (SP4) with the introduction of a comprehensive and complete technical consulting, provides system architects and administrators.

SAP Integration Broker and know the advantages and disadvantages of cooperation processes, interfaces, messages, proxies, further improvement allowances and get a guided tour of the design. In addition, detailed information and a specific system landscape, based on the development of these objects, covers the whole process of learning how to configure the system.

Readers in the components of shooting time (Integration Server, Integration Engine, Proxy, and monitoring tools that work time) and the BPM system will benefit from chapters on the coating.

Features of SAP Exchange Infrastructure:
  • The basic principles of process modeling
  • Integration Builder First Steps
  • Design and development - cooperation processes, interfaces, messages, proxies and mappings
  • Setting the system, including processes
  • Working time - Integration Server, Integration Engine, Proxy working time, monitoring tools
  • Case scenarios: extending the BPM system, B2B communications

About the Author

Stump Jens joined SAP in 1998 with a degree in computer science. Since then, documentation has been responsible for a variety of technical fields. Currently, SAP NetWeaver Product Management team. Various SAP XI workshops to good use that placing a lot of experience, SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) have spent the last three years documenting. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Dr. Joachim Orb completed his doctorate in meteorology. In 1998, his main objective was the development of standard interfaces of SAP France, SAP Labs began working. AGM in 2002, SAP NetWeaver Regional Implementation Group (RIG) participated. There, he developed training courses and advice to clients, where the implementation of SAP XI Since then, I joined the market in Europe, SAP XI.

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