Friday, 30 March 2012

The Business of Software: What Every Manager, Programmer, and Entrepreneur Must Know to Thrive and Survive in Good Times and Bad

Satan and the author of Microsoft Secrets, leading experts from the global software industry in the world of IBM, reveals the inner workings of software giants like Microsoft and Netscape, and create a company, shows that it takes to develop and manage the success - the good and bad times - the most competitive business world.

The software industry $ 600 billion business, not technology that determines the success or failure. This is true - once glamorous start-ups, unfortunately for them, we found thousands of - well documented, and read the result of this new book Michael Cusumano high discovery, based on nearly twenty years of research and manufacturers software consulting worldwide.

Cusumano strategy and organizational issues related to technology management to demonstrate irreversible, personal experiences, and relies on dozens of case studies and a thorough understanding of these issues is essential for success. Cusumano three points in the heart of the book is the basis for a management framework that defines the seven questions. Strategic spectrum, the other end of the service company or a hybrid solution between the two products in the company at one end of the company: He argues that companies should adopt one of three business models basis. 

The author describes the properties of different models and evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses of a company more or less appropriate at different stages of evolution for good against bad economic times, which shows up. What readers need to create a successful project management and applications software testing, and two episodes from the architecture and development teams processing software is invaluable Cusumano. I met with varying degrees of success in first-hand information on start-up based on the evaluation of potential winners and software for analyzing survey Cusumano includes eight basic rules.

Followed by the global software industry, software entrepreneurs, programmers, entrepreneurs and others is essential reading for now.

About the Author

Michael A. Cusumano Sloan Management Review Distinguished Professor of Management at MIT Sloan School and the software is a leading world authority on software development and management. Then, when Microsoft Internet bestsellers and software factories in Japan and competition, and more recently seven books, including Secrets of the platform leadership, the author or coauthor.

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