Sunday, 4 March 2012

Developing Accessible Applications with SAP Netweaver

Today, business applications can be found throughout the world, just not a good idea to do - the law that an increasing number of contexts. This book is accessible to SAP software developers with a complete set of guidelines for developing user interfaces, enables administrators and IT managers.

"Accessibility" What does this mean? What are the requirements and standards necessary to develop? The complete reference, with the operating system parameters are applied to managers and assistive technology, as is the case for the movement or visually impaired, they learn everything you need to make workplaces truly accessible. Developers, Adobe-classical Dynpro, Web Dynpro ABAP and Java and SAP Interactive Forms UI elements, and the authors recommended that all aspects of the indispensable reference on the wide range of ministries benefit - as well as complete lists of do's and don'ts.

You with detailed descriptions and explanations in this book to all users, applications know-how and tools to make sure that equal access to affordable and manageable.

Features of Developing Accessible Applications with SAP Netweaver :
  • Legal requirements: U.S., EU, Germany
  • International standards: W3C and ISO
  • Assistive technology: screen readers, braille displays, screen magnifiers
  • SAP Accessibility Standard
  • Access keyboard
  • System requirements: Windows, SAP GUI, and Web browser
  • Guidelines for Development: Dynpro user interface by Adobe, SAP Web Dynpro and Interactive Forms
  • Accessibility Testing

About the Author

Josef Kable and SAP User Experience since 1998 has worked for SAP - Accessibility team since 2005. Coordinates of all documents on SAP accessibility Senior Developer Information, among others, for his role. Josef has visual and hearing impairments, and recommended that the accessibility of SAP software products since its introduction.

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