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SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP BusinessObjects: The Comprehensive Guide (English and German Edition)

This book is the front-end SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP BI and SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence tools, and with numerous data warehouse is a unique resource that covers all issues related offers.

Firstly, I must be clear: I'm a book more comprehensive and well written is simply because; they say the best books of BusinessObjects BW and the market (since 2006 have all of them).

795 pages these book details simple examples and clear suggestions, and a general description of each vehicle. Almost all pages containing the phrase "we recommend that you ...." and a test of a simple prose "you" and "us" was written. This book is an easy to read and understand things quickly. Best of all, the book is clear that certain books, such as BusinessObjects, did not return to show PowerPoint slides.

Section are:

1. Basics of BI - 57 pages introductory text for beginners (ideal for students and new employees)

2. High-end PC with a summary of the data storage and explanation BusinessObjects pages 70 - Summary of BW 7.3 and BI 4.0. This is well written and is unique to the computer and the latest version of CREATE.

3. Data modeling - This text refers to this approach is invaluable for BW InfoCubes, DSO, data flows, aggregates, BWA, and how to build a solid real "meat" on page 188.

4. Extraction - 32 pages. It is very short, but covers the basics of how to install BW 7.3. I LBWE tamponade for activation of the passenger, I would like to learn more about how to write optimized DSO. However, it covers all the bases...

5th. Management - 30 A short chapters dealing with transportation. The core team of experienced agents and even the all important enough to be useful for the "meat" there.

6. Permissions: 26 pages. Consume more than 2-3 points in this important subject; a book is nice to see BW. I have this book (more a part of the CREATE and integration of the update HANA) of this section, we expect to see in the next edition.

7. 36 pages - SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform. The weakest part of this book. BI launcher more public folders, tray, server management, sent, but should provide a good starting point for beginners.

8. Bex Query Designer - 63 pages. These authors understand the BEx query is an essential element of the BI landscape is really great to see that. BW BI features as I go through the analysis engine, and only DRGS (crap performance), and InfoCubes (create tools to connect directly suggest avoiding the so-called "expert" analysis engine and BI shudder when I read a book all functions). These authors, "he" and find all these great parts of this publication should be CREATE.

9. Advisory navigation - 15 pages. Other books often lack basic navigational equipment

10. BEx Analyzer - 22 pages. The vast majority of users of BW is good for older vehicles are used by the "wink".

11. The analysis of BusinessObjects - 20 pages. BEx Analyzer chapter in this section that the authors understand that this Chapter 10 shows that the replacement vehicle. Good comparison and contrast...

12. BEx Analyzer - Basic concepts and application templates, web design, 37 pages covering the basic level. Instead, both the (page 59 would be exposed to each other) within the host Bex Analyzer (Excel, Web etc.), such as division of the vehicle. Well done!

14. BusinessObjects Web
15. Crystal Reports
16. SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius)
17. SAP BO Explorer

All tools and expect a good example of the point "gotcha" on page 77 of this perspective on it. Suggestions or screenshots of a single clear and easy to follow demonstrations. I have examples a little more, but (Brog, BusinessObjects Web Intelligence by Sinkwitz and Holden), these sections (for example, "Dashboards by Lai and food Hacking BusinessObjects 4.0), and complement, are each areas there are books instead of another 3 to 4 a book, because everything. However, making the very important value in four sections of the book.

18. Integrated Planning - 13 pages. This technology is probably (instead of PCBs) at the point of death, this section really need to enhance or restore. 13 pages only a very small number.

19. SAP SEM BCS - 17 pages. This book (dead technology) is not part and should be removed.

Glossary - 10 pages - Unbelievable! If you do not need so much more.
Basic code tables and transactions - 8 pages - Awesome (more please!)
Notes for SAP - 4 pages (again, please do more, but its great!)

In general, the book is very, very, very, well, I was assigned to the SAP University Alliance, and all my students use it and the next step ... Highly Recommended!

Dr. Berg

SAP BI North America, Inc. Comerit (SAP Alliance and professor at the University) Vice-President

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