Monday, 5 March 2012

Understanding the SAP Logistics Information System (LIS)

Learning about information structures to performing standard and flexible analyzes, this book provides an overview and SAP Business Information Logistics (LIS) provides valuable information on the operation. Without the need for custom ABAP reports, saving time and valuable resources to produce and learn how to create accurate reports and relevant. Configure LIS properly and understand how they affect the configuration changes to the chain Ogrenin. Tedarik reports, inventory, procurement processes, analyze easily and efficiently. Learn to collect and combine data from SAP by using LIS. If you are looking for an effective data management and want to create useful reports, information and experience, this book i├žin. Yazarin Packed with you, through you, this detailed reference book is usually sufficient to hit the ground running with this invaluable tool has been used.

Features of Understanding the SAP Logistics Information System (LIS):
  • Information System Workshop
  • The Slots
  • Early Warning System
  • Information System Plant Maintenance
  • The data structures
  • Information System quality management
  • Inventory control
  • Information System purchases
About the Author

In addition, Martin Murray, author of the book SAP MM SAP PRESS - functionality and technical configuration, worked with SAP for 15 years, as IBM and San Diego, California with his wife works as a consultant for their lives.tion with Answers & Explanations

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