Thursday, 8 March 2012

Understanding and Auditing It Systems, Volume 2 (Second Edition)

Computer systems, applications, business logic to be applied by the tool for more commercial and financial enterprises. The implementation of security and information-processing business and internal controls of these processes in terms of the audit of computer systems due to the different nature of the climate system, we must know the correct set . This book is the most widely popular in the business processes of economic cycles by offering easier deployment models, analysis of business processes and financial controls, and a diversified approach to promoting development of applications of the system.

This book is organized under a model and a large-scale applications with reference to the ERP system, and therefore all these questions and financial processes of the company efficiently and effectively to help control the real world environment.

This book is a modern business practices and financial controls of business processes to address issues most relevant issues related to organizations that provide interesting and practical information.

Regarding the implementation of business processes and practices of professional auditors, complete and accurate guidance system.

This book, to facilitate access by readers on the various issues related to the implementation of business process applications are secure. This application, development issues and security issues for companies control most of the commercial enterprises operated by the major economic cycles covers detailed process flow. Information systems in all these discussions is required to verify the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes.

This book is optimized for different applications, system functionality in order to understand the IT environment is configured systems, relational database and application development covers the issues in the context of traditional approaches to ERP systems.

ERP mean for the fourth generation languages, expanded capabilities and processing functions for application development, including security applications and other ERP systems audit, as well as functions, in-depth ERP systems environment is introduced. SAP R / 3, PeopleSoft Enterprise and JD Edwards systems development environments are discussed in this book.

This book is very thorough audit of information systems and operational and financial processes, removes the main processes of the business cycle. By introducing the basic information and discussions on the requirements for processing applications for undergraduate and identify critical processes and thereby enable the most important exhibitions and processes for effective control and information about the company financial audit .
  • - Structure, relational databases and ERP systems, the traditional approach and comprehensive coverage of issues related to application development.
  • - Internal control and SOA requirements, manual and computer systems in a wide range of environmental issues as well.
  • - Basic information and application processing requirements in terms of systems, including extensive coverage of the business cycle process. Income, purchase, conversion, payroll, treasury and accounting cycles.
  • - SAP R / 3, PeopleSoft Enterprise and JD Edwards systems, including processes of the business cycle, discussion, references to major ERP systems.

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