Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Inside SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

See how SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, and understand how to install, deploy and use. Written for people who are interested in bringing business intelligence to business users, this book can also use the SAP environment and SAP existing tools and data that will teach you how to answer specific questions about how it works. Why and how they impact users, across Explorer data analysis for quick access and easy to read after this book you will understand.


Ingo as a trainer and consultant for Crystal Reports and Crystal Enterprise in 1999 in Frankfurt, Germany began with Crystal Decisions.

Walldorf SAP Crystal Decisions in 2001 as Program Manager participated in the center of a small team. Meanwhile, Ingo, works closely with the development of SAP NetWeaver BW and later converted into an OEM relationship between SAP and the decisions of the glass of the first integration of Crystal Reports with SAP BW, and helped shape design.

And the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio with the acquisition of Business Objects Crystal Decision role of product management for integration has been moved. Ingo Vancouver in 2004 offers one of the important sites for the development of BusinessObjects.

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