Wednesday, 14 March 2012

BusinessObjects XI (Release 2): The Complete Reference

This book is a must read for anyone deploying BusinessObjects book. In this universe, with best practices in the direction of the design, planning and business to upgrade to the latest version to maximize covers everything from creating powerful reports. This book is the most commonly used functions in a whole book to the full suite of BI relevant. Central Management Console, InfoView, Web Intelligence and Desktop Intelligence through the design, no in-depth coverage of security. How and why this step by step instruction to meet a company goes beyond the context. Transition grades XI Release 2, versions 5 and 6 customers to understand the biggest changes will be interspersed with. If the company or a manager of program data warehouse, Business Objects administrator, report author or consumer, if the BI training requirements, this book is for you.

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Get competitive with BusinessObjects XI Release 2 of last resort

BusinessObjects XI and actions across the enterprise using the detailed information contained in this unique publishing reports business. BusinessObjects XI: The Complete Reference, design and construction of the universe powerful, integrated security, efficiently run queries, and explain step by step how to deploy the results.

You, an implementation strategy with business objectives to create, define and manage, learn how to integrate reports into Web and Windows applications. BusinessObjects XI Release 2, all the new features and updates new architecture, design, the Central Management Console, InfoView, Web Intelligence, Desktop Intelligence, report scheduling, including security, discussed in detail, and use the order.
  • Develop a strategy visionary BusinessObjects XI deployment
  • BusinessObjects XI Release 2 is being migrated
  • Compatible with their business objectives to ensure that the answers users' questions use the Designer to create universes solid
  • Design and implementation of security policies to meet the needs of businesses
  • Monitor system usage and develop deployment of applications critical to BI
  • A simple queries and effective Web Intelligence Return to the complex business issues
  • Rich-formatted tables, graphs and formulas to facilitate the understanding of design reports, reports with alerters
  • A simple click of a mouse with a dynamic sorting, filtering, sorting, and details of the customer to do more with the power of interactive reports for more details
About the Author

Cindi Howson president of ASK, a BI consultancy. Deployments and optimize application that helps customers around the world since 1994, he worked with Business Objects. Industry analyst, the authors BIScorecard (tm) product reviews, teaches TDWI, and writes for Business Intelligence. You can contact him

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