Wednesday, 14 March 2012

BusinessObjects XI Release 2 For Dummies

BusinessObjects may seem like an extremely complex subject, but BusinessObjects XI Release 2 for Dummies, is pretty easy. If you are new to business intelligence tools, however, this friendly guide easy to access and share data format, containing data for information analysis and measure the performance of your organization.

Each time, something stronger institutions to create queries against the database, display, and create reports to see how it works in the development and use of BusinessObjects XI Release 2 to find your way around Universe to measure corporate performance manual is completely jargon really means a series of exciting and powerful business intelligence tools will put you in complete control. Discover how to:
  • BusinessObjects business decisions with the help of
  • Using BusinessObjects XI wizards
  • Perform a server installation
  • Create and define a universe
  • Reports on the desktop
  • Privatization and the use InfoView
  • Measure performance with Dashboard and Analysis
  • Take advantage of data marts, and they fit with your system to understand how BusinessObjects

15 years of combined experience working with BusinessObjects tools, organized by a team, BusinessObjects XI Release 2 For Dummies is a successful integration of BusinessObjects and useful resources, including advice on how to prepare for the various short lists of useful information, beyond the pages of this book comes with. In addition, you will find an overview of Crystal Reports tool, BusinessObjects partner.

About the Author

Derek Torres is a technical communicator and author. O, France, in Paris, spent several years writing the documentation of Business Objects. In addition, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Vista Ultimate Bible (Wiley Publishing, Inc.) Guide Unofficial Guide Unofficial many, including the title, author or joint author. She is currently working on her first novel. He can be reached at

Depositors Stuart Paris, a Scot living in France. A professional communicator since 1995, including three years in Paris, Business Objects in the center of the computing and telecommunications, has worked with many companies. She Windows Vista Unofficial Guide (Wiley Publishing), part-time songwriter, writer and web can be found at

Albaret Julie is a consultant for Business Intelligence. He worked for many companies involved in the project and BI, BI for over ten years working in the field. O, performance management, including three years as an expert with six years for business objects. He is program manager for Web Intelligence to work for two years in Paris before returning to the company's headquarters in Paris, and later as a project manager for software testing in Bangalore (India) first worked in As a sales consultant.

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