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SAP Performance Optimization Guide (6th Edition)

SAP Performance Optimization Guide (6th Edition) Description
SAP Performance Optimization Guide (6th Edition)
  • THE technology and is the definitive guide for applications to optimize
  • Please adjust the performance ABAP and Java servers Coverage
  • BW and SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator includes new chapters
Performance of the SAP reference work, daily life, is prepared for any problem. Detailed, real examples of effective adaptation measures described in the SAP system and analysis of application performance. The problem is hardware, ABAP / Java programs or access to databases, direct support professionals provide guidance and valuable advice in collaboration with SAP, and you will learn the potential bottlenecks. This edition completely revised and updated new has been expanded significantly.

Analysis and optimization of ABAP servers

SAP Basis; learn everything you need to know about the analysis and optimization. Memory configuration and the buffer, the workload of all the critical areas of blocks of business processes and analysis.

Java performance

JVM, the workload of the SAP J2EE Engine, buffering, and Java Web Dynpro Learn about the analysis of business processes. With this book, is no longer an excuse for slow J2EE applications?

Databases and SQL processing

DBA management cockpit, as well as Oracle, SAP MaxDB, DB2, Informix and SQL Server Take advantage of valuable information on the chapters completely revised and updated. A separate section focuses on optimizing SQL queries.

SAP GUI, Web Dynpro, and the Internet

This is the SAP GUI, Web Dynpro, and those related to the Internet, such as the development of all aspects of their front-end performance.

New topic
SAP NetWeaver BW, TREX, and BW Accelerator Explore new sections on optimization.

Features of SAP Performance Optimization Guide (6th Edition)
  • Materials· Database, SAP Basis and the JVM
  • Study of load analysis
  • Configuration of the buffer and
  • Advice of SQL, and locks
  • ABAP and Java programs, Performance
  • Size and distribution equipment
  • Business load distribution, and interfaces
  • SAP GUI, Web Dynpro, and the Internet
  • SAP NetWeaver BW, TREX, and BW Accelerator


Dr. Thomas Schneider, in 1996, began working for SAP AG. He has since served as president of the Information Centre for the financial performance and large, including responsibility for global service and support has served in various positions. In 2004, he as an architect in charge of IT services and application management and development of innovation, research is past. SAP Business by Design since 2009 was the architect in charge of the development partner of the infrastructure.

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