Monday, 29 August 2011

Inside SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis

Inside SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis Product Description

  • Explain what happened and how users can take advantage of the analysis
  • Tool for the implementation and how to connect SAP and non SAP data Details
  • The tool of financial and human resources, CRM and analysis of retail needs to show real world scenarios that can satisfy the user
Further analysis of the sap, the exact source of regulatory information and a functional overview of Microsoft Office, scripts, installation / implementation, data link routing, and advanced / provides scenarios basic use. The integration of advanced analysis, web publishing and SAP XI 4.0’s with the upcoming launch of the next version knows the details.

Installation, configuration and implementation

General Business intelligence (BI), Advanced Analysis of the Office as part of the landscape, install, configure, deploy, and the steps necessary to obtain information.

Meta-data connection and re-

The use of the SAP system and advanced analysis of the Office to explore options for data connectivity business.

Office and the BEx Analyzer, an advanced analysis Compare

Analytical jobs Explorer (BEX) Analyzer to learn why and how the products are to play two matches.

SAP integration with BusinessObjects Enterprise

Learn how BEA has developed and integrated with BusinessObjects Enterprise What are the benefits of this integration.

Usage Scenarios

Easier to use, and accurate information to provide users with the latest features and functions of the Office of the analysis of art Get practical examples showing how to use.

Features of Inside SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis
  • The functions and features
  • Requirements
  • Advanced Analysis Office
  • BusinessObjects Enterprise Architecture SAP connection
  • Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint Settings
  • Multilingual Behavior
  • Rights of the Authority and the user
  • SAP BW metadata
  • Options Navigation
  • Classification and Filtering
  • Use of hierarchies
  • Lifecycle Management
  • At the object level and the level of information security
  • Product Outlook
  • Analysis of the Advanced Web Edition
  • Integration with BusinessObjects XI 4.0

SAP is a professional and experienced Hilgefort Ingo. O with SAP, the solution to this idea of ​​time management clients, and director of the action.

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