Monday, 29 August 2011

Discover SAP CRM

Discover SAP CRM Product Description

If you are customer-focused growth and its ability to attract and retain quality customers will help you get you are looking for a tool to manage relationships, SAP CRM offers all the tools you need. So if you think that the SAP CRM application, a project manager looking for information on how to do this work, or who are new to SAP, this friendly resource guide you need. This information provides all the functionality and the real world, a vision of how the practice.

1. Learn about the SAP CRM has to do with

Terminology and a brief overview of important topics that will help you build a solid understanding of definitions of key features find tips.

2. Acquire detailed knowledge

SAP CRM applications and tools offered in-depth discussions with business learn how to read.

3. Understand how to work things

Including the various technical components of SAP NetWeaver and Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture Discover how technology is based on the review of SAP CRM engine work.

4. Real-world scenarios, learning

SAP CRM through a variety of practical examples and case studies to see how it works.

Want to 5

Or go directly to the section you are reading interests, from beginning to end. As needed and enjoy a large dictionary.

Highlights of Discover SAP CRM   
  • Marketing, Sales and Service
  • Interaction Center 
  • Web Channels 
  • Mobile Applications 
  • Channel Partner Management 
  • SAP technology 
  • Master Data 
  • Industry Vertical
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