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SAP Query Reporting - A Practical Guide

SAP Query Reporting - A Practical Guide Product Description

  • A step by step guide for the use of SAP applications
  • The basic principles of the expertise of content experts 
  • Suitable for all SAP ERP components
In this book you will learn how to query SAP for the analysis of business needs. The tables in the database underlying SAP ERP, SAP has been authorized to extract specific information. Guides you through every step in creating comprehensive reports, real example of a large number of images and detailed instructions. The book is not based on SAP ERP 6.0 and an earlier version (for example, 4.6CR / 3) is ideal for users.

The basic principles of the Query Reporting
Overview, user groups and SAP InfoSet learn more about the relationship between requests. This book describes their efforts to find statements of support and consulting services.

All office properties
Types of selection and design, discovery capabilities, icons, all you need to know about ABC analysis and further exploration.

User-Friendly Report Design
ABAP coding, including reporting requirements difficult to control. Classifieds and statistics, use with Microsoft Excel integration, and more.

Management Consultants
How does the consultation? How to improve performance? What do I get that authority? Here you will find the answers to these questions and others.

Now available for download requests

Features of SAP Query Reporting - A Practical Guide

  • The Foundation
    • SAP tables and links table
    • Quick Viewer, SAP Query, Advisory Services
  • Consultation Functions
    • Details of the application and SAP InfoSet
    • Choice and design of products
    • Traffic lights, drills, graphics, icons, and ABC analysis
  • Design easy to use queries
    • Statistics and classifieds
    • ABAP Basics
    • Integration with Microsoft Excel
  • Management Consulting
    • Transportation system 
    • Data recovery modules and function
    • Administration and the creation of transactions
  • Rent life examples

Dr. Jörg Thomas Dickersbach product management director of Wassermann AG. Dr. Gerhard Keller GmbH Bonpago partner and the partner, and has worked in various manufacturing and financial services

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