Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Testing SAP Solutions (2nd Edition)

Testing SAP Solutions (2nd Edition) Product Description

  • The load and the development of functional tests and the implementation of test systems and construction information with SAP TDMS
  • A detailed description of SAP Solution Manager, eCATT, HP, SAP Quality Center, SAP TAO and
  • 13 cases of customer case studies, and include the width and depth
SAP test tools and services offered by the functionality of many and rich. In this book, not only to learn these tools can do for you and how they work, but will also receive detailed instructions on how to use them. Methodology for functional testing and performance and the creation of this book as a guide for acceptance and process quality control, detailed reports for projects with SAP customers sections.


SAP Solution Manager, eCATT, SAP TDMS, SAP TAO, SAP LoadRunner, SAP, or need information on the HP Quality Center, the functional scope and use of each tool will benefit from an in-depth introduction.

Functional Testing and Performance

Functionality and test the system performance. Learn about the fundamental differences of this kind of test and find a way to test the performance of reliable applications.

Test Automation

Do you have a tight budget, we all know that the test? The platform test automation authors to show the importance of the event to reduce costs.


Choose the right tools and test data, personnel, planning, design and scope: test projects are discussed in detail all issues related to planning and organization.

Case Studies

Take advantage of existing experience. Three 5-year reports, sustainability reports, including a large number of customers in different sectors according to specific issues of test projects show how the test managers.

Features of Testing SAP Solutions (2nd Edition)

  • Tools
    • SAP Solution Manager
    • ECATT
    • The Test Data Migration Server SAP
    • SAP LoadRunner HP
    • SAP Quality Center by HP and SAP TAO
  • Test Method
    • Test strategy and standards
    • Business plans and projects
  • The Test Management and Automation
    • Planning and testing
    • Monitoring and reporting
    • The benefits of test automation and application
  • Test Center
    • The Concept and Application
    • Testing Center Services

Mr. Helfen DACH region, Senior Advisor for issues SAP ALM Consulting. HM Trauthwein on Sofis AG, Germany is a member. As quality assurance and software testing management tools and years of experience using the PSA test.

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