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Explore SAP BusinessObjects

Discover SAP BusinessObjects Product Description

  • Learning Strategy SAP BusinessObjects
  • Explore solutions to the portfolio of SAP BusinessObjects
  • To understand and use the value of the solutions were prepared
Explore and discover what new products and SAP solutions can improve their business processes. In this book you will find what you need to really understand where you are in the operations of SAP. If the decision maker, consultant, and new SAP professionals, this easy to read and look at the portfolio of SAP Business Objects completed the story, takes you on a journey. You can ask for EPM, CRM and SAP customer scenarios and work plan, you will find all the information management for enterprise solutions.

Explore the strategy for SAP

Historical research and how it has evolved, we see Business Objects.

Explore SAP applications

Learn about the different applications and how to apply to your business.

Find the tools you need

If you need to understand the SAP business intelligence and technology to ensure that you can find all the details.

Learn about the real world, SAP

Other companies have developed business processes and productivity Explore in-depth case studies of various subjects to learn.

Check how you want

Interests you, or read from cover to cover and make sure to use the dictionary and a list of resources go directly to the section.

Features of "Discover SAP BusinessObjects"

  • • SAP and Business Objects
  • Business Intelligence
  • Strategy and Implementation
  • On Demand Solutions
  • Business Information Management Solutions
  • Corporate Performance Management Solutions
  • Solutions Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Small and medium Enterprise Solutions
  • Instructions and product roadmap
  • Innovation Center

Chris Dinkel development and implementation of large scale complex information systems, management has 12 years experience. It SDLC through data warehousing business, business intelligence solutions and client / server, and has extensive experience in all phases of custom applications for the Web. Previous experience of SAP, PeopleSoft, SAP and support for relational databases, project management, ETL, business analysis, design, development and management of data warehouses contain BW / Business Objects systems. This is a powerful reporting and analysis, architectures, operational support, to create ad-hoc requirements, and the board has helped client’s large and small businesses. Chris reports, analysis, measurement and use in the world today, has built hundreds of boards. O, finance, energy, real estate, human resources, public, telecommunications and technology solutions for commercial and government organizations, including the vertical range of activities worked.

JC Raveneau SAP software industry is a product manager with 15 years experience. Structures are a writer on an IBM mainframe Easytrieve ratio, 3.1 was a relief after the start of his career as the discovery of BusinessObjects. Since then, the number of positions with JC and customer engineering, intelligence-led business. JC BusinessObjects Enterprise and SAP was the owner of the current prototype of the product for additional ground control work

1, 2 and Thierry Audas contributed chapters since 1995, has been with Business Objects. Then, in designing strategies for BI and SAP customers by focusing on best practices, worked in the IO-intensive. Since the acquisition of SAP Business Objects, worked in the role of marketing products and help clients better understand much of his time spent working directly with SAP business SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions in their environment through the organization to provide advanced capabilities of BI.

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