Tuesday, 23 August 2011

100 Things you need to know about the Controlling with SAP

100 Things you need to know about the Controlling with SAP Product Description

These screens can reduce the size of the estimated cost!

Cost is estimated at the sight of the list, reducing the number of component costs Simplify screens. Although five times the cost element is displayed by default, do not need to show everyone. With these tips, you really learn to see the information you want. More on page 98.

Our "100 things" every series, 100 applications, the SAP system, the best way to help you with little known tips, tricks and solutions book. A user, root, or if you are a consultant, you will find useful information that will help you:

Save time and money

With time-saving shortcuts, and provided solutions to all levels of daily interaction with the user's system as the best.

Increased productivity

CT significantly reduced the number of trouble tickets and works more efficiently, the advice for your personal use for the purposes of setting screens. For the design and easy to follow book "approach will help you learn new skills in the hands of a short time.

Try a smart way

The experience of SAP users better and easier, and even be saying Or "I wish I knew how to do this long ago" "I had no idea I could this way"

Features of 100 Things you need to know about the Controlling with SAP
  • Cost Center Accounting
  • Orders internal
  • Accounting Profit Center
  • Product Cost Planning
  • Cost Object
  • Book Material
  • Business Case
  • General Control
  • Information System

John Jordan, who specializes in all areas of control and integration, the founder and ERP Corp, is a database consultant. Then, as a result of greater efficiency and profitability, production costs will help companies to increase transparency. He is a regular speaker at conferences and SAP PRESS has published two best-sellers.

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