Friday, 20 July 2012

SAP HR | Enhancements @ SAP - A Beginner's Guide

This ebook focuses on one of the most common tasks, SAP consultants, and technical developments, to meet the customer's site. Add to develop a standard solution samples and improvements in SAP DDIC structures, and customers using customer exits for processing events and classic Badis, this book, most of them are a variety of techniques to focus on.

We need their history, basic concepts, step by step and finally show the interview questions most frequently asked questions. Just to have covered all aspects of improving these techniques to find out what is written here, but also allow you to think about issues simply are not written clearly.

We also added a mental map for quick reference to the matters covered.

As a reference system for describing and demonstrations of SAP ECC 6.0 (NetWeaver 7.0) using the e-book. Minor changes can be images and text contained in this document. However, this should cause no interruption careful reading.

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