Friday, 13 July 2012

ERP in Practice: ERP strategies for steering organizational competence and competitive advantage

In practice, provides an overview of ERP systems and ERP is a complex practice, how the manual. An ERP implementation is very interesting, this book from a change management Grat ERP and business process reengineering successfully on Vama idea! Son Alfredo, CIO - BONFIGLIOLI RIDUTTORI SpA, Bologna, Italy This is not a book about ERP! This is a good CEO, CIO and the board is documented and is a practical cookbook. Useful for those planning to install an ERP solution, not only, but also have implemented ERP and investment companies that are seeking innovative strategies to gain competitive advantage and will return. What reinvent the wheel without having to pay a consultation fee or a large, case studies, frameworks, models and approaches can be applied most directly - ERP in practice, even for small and medium businesses, is a must read. Kannan LV, Group Manager - Support ERP, Ramco Systems Ltd., India ERP practice recognizes the challenges and issues surrounding ERP systems, deep penetrating book. 

The simple and provides some practical ways to solve them. I know how and tools in this book to any ERP environment, I think it is possible to obtain commercial advantage and efficiency, as each ERP consultant and I recommend this book to the user. Srikumar, Senior Vice President and Director of Commercial - JWT Worldwide, Bangalore and Kolkata case study approach adopted in this book will help users of ERP experts and even to learn and gain a broader understanding of ERP systems. Jayendran Babu, Consultant, Systems Audit, Bangalore, India, in practice the ERP concepts, principles, practices and "practical" programs and a professional manual. 

ERP applications presented as part of the process. ERP systems to gain competitive advantage in the construction industry and this book shows that the ERP for commercial advantage, companies must treat their own applications as a business -. Thus, to put a technical, not business leaders accused - and coaches -. nonprofit organization, and make the necessary changes in the process and achieve the goals set for projects to entire companies, such as liability cannot belong to all managers, should be included in the ERP project. This book is action strategies to make some programs successful ERP, forward thinking business plans, solutions, filled with tips and tricks. The ERP application to provide CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, CTOs and business, ERP and IT professionals practical ideas, frameworks, models and environments based on the ERP, and implement measures most important to achieve a wide range of business benefits.

About the Author

Vama Nathan is currently CEO of Ramadan Altrion private Technologies Limited - a company focused on the implementation of ERP and technology services. Increasing the value of technology companies that focus on ERP has over 23 years’ experience. Roles of consultation and Siemens, Satyam, and leadership will intensify today, generating significant value, a large ERP project has a few, and will intensify, and Satyam has built ERP applications.

Strategy and provide consulting services to corporate customers, SAP Technical Services will focus the IT, security, ERP, SAP, and technology services - Previously he was Vice President Ramadan.

Senior Consultant - As a successful REI, Palm Computing, SAP IBDP, BONFIGLIOLI, SBS, Alstom, many large ERP projects, such as SAP AG NetWeaver security project, managed Satyam Computer Services Ltd., SAP implementation details, and c ' Thus began Ramadan, and Siemens and India over 17 years SAP and Siemens in Germany and part of his career in leadership positions held, has led to the implementation of Siemens in India.

Ramadan, ISACA, U.S., AIM is a graduate of a management CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor), and Berlin, Germany Siemens Business School has a background in professional management.

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