Sunday, 29 July 2012

First Steps in SAP

  • Learn more about SAP software and SAP so much!
  • Videos and audio commentary with the developed
  • Examples of simple and sequential
If you have to work with 300 or more pages if you want to understand the basics of SAP software, this book is for you! The authors focus on the conditions and details you will not need help for the novice. Martin Joerg Siebert Munzel look back and a total of 25 years of experience with SAP software, and in this book, precise and understandable to share his deep knowledge. SAP on top of simple examples by taking you through the basics you need to know, thanks
  • Navigation SAP ERP
  • Transactions
  • Master Data Organizational Units
  • Design process
Videos do not have access to the experience of an SAP system look and feel of the SAP software will help you.

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