Friday, 6 July 2012

Human Resource Information Systems: Basics, Applications, and Future Directions

Provide a comprehensive introduction to HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) for the first textbook in the field of management effects on the competitive advantage of companies is a combination of two important areas: human resources and information systems. This fully revised edition, on the other hand, a study of practical computer knowledge and current management of human resources and provides students with HRIS.


What is most impressive aspect of this book?

"This includes the existing technology of HRIS." -Kevin Brown, Florida International University

"I still think it is better to come. This existing technology is an integrated business and human resources in different responsibilities. "Mark S. Miller, Manhattanville College

"It is written with the orientation of the total HRIS. Precious materials for a student to a comprehensive database of references for them." -Gilleo, Lindenwood University

"Thumbnail Studies and case law."-Robin Watkins, DeVry University

"What about this text, such as the use of information systems, human resources, and discussion is a detailed examination of the history and current situation. Test series provides students with a view HRISs multiple points of view. From the Faculty of text, or use it as a primary means of references to further reading at the end of each chapter easily done through case studies complete. And vignettes, students can the total learning experience is still rich in materials related to real applications. "Neptali-Martinez, New York University

"Human resource business application linking technology, the book seems less threatening and would be a very useful reference document." Julie Siliven, San Antonio College

We used the first edition and the most comprehensive study of the HR technology market. (Melodie Dorminy)

About the Author

Richard D. Johnson, University of Albany, New York University Assistant Professor of the company. His research focuses on the human, psychological and sociological effects of the computer, computer self-efficacy, information systems, e-learning and the digital divide are. His research, Information Systems Research, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Information Systems Association and participated in various journals such as Journal of Human-Computer Studies Journal. Certified Human Resources professional knowledge and the University at Albany as part of a recognized national concentration HRIS MBA courses on human resources and HRIS, teaches. O, the University of Maryland, College Park, completed his PhD.

Michael J. Kavanagh now Albany, State University of New York is a professor of management. In addition, Business Lorange, Zurich, Switzerland School faculty serves. O & Management Group Organization and the American Psychological Association, the American Psychological Association, Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Management Academy, a member of the publisher of the East. HRIS field since 1982 took place. HRIS MBA program at the University of Albany was founded in 1984 and lectured in many. In 2006, the Human Resource Information (IHRIM) International Association of Management Award for professional excellence. IO / G of psychology at Iowa State University received his doctorate in 1969.

Mohan Thite Griffith Business School, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia is a teacher. It is both the industry and universities over 20 years experience as a professional human resources experience. He is a member of the Australian Human Resources Institute. He teaches HRIS for several years. Research interests focus on the knowledge economy the strategic management of human resources, human resources management in developing economies and multinationals, including HRIS. Construction of a new book on the people managing the economy (Sage India), the human resource management in India, call centers and business process outsourcing industry will be jointly organized a book, book chapters , and in this labor, employment and society, Journal of Human Resource Management and the project international journals such as Journal of Management articles.

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  1. Human resource business application linking technology, the book seems less threatening and would be a very useful reference document.

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