Monday, 23 July 2012

SAP LSMW Tips Tricks Tutorial

A practical guide to using SAP LSMW tool

Written by SAP consultant Glynn Williams, "LSMW - the old system of training Migration Workbench" proven, is packed with tips to save time and advice. To create the entries in SAP customers, after a format tutorial at SAP learn how to use this versatile tool. (The same training data used to generate the SAP.) And file formats, including Microsoft Excel files of applications, including finding ways to load applications.
  • Creation of LSMW automatically upload data to SAP projects
  • Create folders batch input
  • Create the source structures and field mapping
  • Use the Microsoft Excel file as a setup file
  • Use batch input
  • After this article, it is a very powerful tool within 1 hour Learn to use SAP.
  • 31 pages - 59 screenshots

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