Thursday, 1 August 2013

From the SAP developers to process consultant?

How permeable are the boundaries between development and consulting? An SAP developer wants to change into the process advice, his staff, and the boss does not like.

From the SAP developers to process consultant?
An SAP developer wants to change into the process advice. His hiring manager sees the reorientation skeptical because the candidate would be missing important skills. Instead, he should look for projects with a focus on supply chain management (SCM), where he could develop. How should the developer do?

Staff consultant Frank Rechsteiner of the hype Group says: "Compared to your HR boss I would insist on a career development plan since its recommendation projects with SCM focus to prove is not binding on your progress. A change from the development process in a consultancy I see it as very positive! Expand so that your experience and build your profile and know-how. I am convinced that you already know the business processes of your business and developers know how they can be improved. Should you find your trip to the consultation process that this is not your world, I suggest you to develop a project in software development, as the need for such skills in the coming years are likely to be very large. The risks of a change in the counseling process, I guess to be low - you can go back into development to start a professional career. It is important that you establish your exchange reasonable. For your orientation, you should heed a principle: Formulate a clear career goal”

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