Thursday, 7 November 2013

SAP HANA Appliance

SAP HANA (formerly High Performance Analytic Appliance, today no acronym).  Is a database technology from SAP, which was presented in 2010? 

SAP HANA Appliance
This is an appliance, a combination of hardware and software, to the in-memory technology that uses the opposite of the hard drive much faster accessible computer's memory for data storage, compared to the conventional applications allow using higher performance evaluations.


HANA was developed by SAP in collaboration with some customers, namely Coca- Cola Hellenic, the Future Group (an Indian operator of department store chains) and Hilti to scan large amounts of data efficiently. The appliance was the first time in spring 2010 introduced and used in November of the same year. From the manufacturer's point of view, the in-memory database is an important topic for the future, as well Snabe, Co-CEO of SAP, 2011 declared. Among the four main investment focus of the company is in the in-memory technology in 2011, the strongest growth was achieved. On 10 SAP announced in January 2013 that the core applications of SAP Business Suite are available based on HANA.


With HANA different techniques both in software and in hardware area are combined. On the software side, a hybrid of the usual in-memory databases column-oriented working method and the conventional, common in relational databases row-oriented database technology used. On the hardware side is tried as the main memory by the CPU cache, and replacing the disk by the main memory in order to use each faster access times. By this method, performance benefits.


Developed for business intelligence and business analytics applications appliance is used in the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse and in BusinessObjects Strategic Workforce Planning. There is, however, according to the manufacturer also possible to use other applications with HANA operate. In addition to other SAP products include all SQL-based applications. On 10 January 2013, SAP announced the availability of the entire SAP Business Suite on HANA in.

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