Thursday, 7 November 2013

SAP HANA makes Business All–in-One solutions generally available

 Various solutions of Business All- in-One powered by SAP HANA has now made ​​available in 52 countries. In addition to new country versions include the new solutions and industry extensions and extended availability of partners.

SAP HANA makes Business All–in-One solutions generally available
SAP today announced the availability of 52 country versions of SAP Business All-in -One solutions powered by SAP HANA. The solutions are based on the expansion pack 7 SAP ERP application. This is supported by SAP HANA. In addition, the expansion pack is part of the latest version of the SAP Business Suite.

With SAP Business All -in-One, SAP is aimed at the needs of small and medium enterprises. The solution to get the stripped core ERP processes. The solution includes pre-configured functions and thus country-specific adjustments. The modular structure of the software allows users to expand selected packages sectoral or cross-sectoral components.

SAP Business All-in -One solutions running on SAP HANA and SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, and other databases, and both on-premise and private cloud.

“The extension package 7 comprises, for example, extensions for the chemical industry and discrete manufacturing," said Robert Vetter, Senior Vice President, Partner Enablement and Solution Management at SAP. In addition, SAP partner companies could further customize these packages to the requirements of the customers.

Another example comes from the Brazilian partner Group Trust: "When we sat down with a client to discuss its IT landscape, we found: The client had implemented three different databases to operate different solutions - a database for ERP, another for business intelligence, and a third for budget planning," said Fabricio Oliveira, Solutions Director at Grupo Trust.

Different databases but these three are not only cost intensive, but played to additional charge of programs and data movement between databases on the performance of.

"To remedy this, we have developed an integrated solution based on SAP HANA. We provide the customers with a single, central database for its three solutions are available and have as its entire IT landscape, facilitate,"said Oliveira.

According to SAP, this solution is mainly used by upper middle -sized companies, with over 24,200 companies in over 55 countries. The solutions are distributed by SAP partners that offer more than 500 qualified SAP Business All-in -One partner solutions.

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