Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Partners imagine SAP ByDesign

Not SAP itself, but four SAP partners today have specially organized a conference call to the level of press representatives to break a lance for online SAP ERP solution, “Business ByDesign", and to speak against the "emerging unrest ".

Partners imagine SAP ByDesign
The "trouble” was triggered by an article in the 'Business Week ' ten days ago. This was reported to be SAP Online prestige project whose development has probably cost in recent years, several billion euros, lack of success stop. The development would be discontinued, and only a small team will take care of the maintenance of the product. SAP, however, denied this. The development will only braked and released for developers used to a new technological platform to bring ByDesign, SAP HANA in-memory technology. HANA in the future should form the common basis for all cloud offerings from SAP. ByDesign will be so far removed from the market.

Believe in SAP
The four

ByDesign Partner intelligence, All for One Steeb, Anthesis and Alpha Business Solutions wanted to reiterate today, especially this message: ByDesign live on and will continue to contribute to their stores. The development of ByDesign had been started ten years ago to the then latest technological platform. A technological innovation is therefore only logical. "We are talking about an important transitional phase in the SAP more development resources in the technical transformation as in the functional development of SAP Business ByDesign infected," said Henrik Hausen, CEO of Alpha Business Solutions. Then will then amplify again of the functional expansion cloud offering - with a clear roadmap - invest and: "We would not be here if we did not believe it."

For the functional development of ByDesign declared the four partners that SAP had assured the next two releases, 13:11 and 14:02 to deliver as advertised. Even then it will still be further developments, but in smaller increments or “hot fixes ".

That SAP is the online solution is now setting on the latest technological basis is welcome news. This will bring major improvements in performance and more stability. The standardization of the technology have been quite different cloud solutions on a single platform, added the Intelligence - man Wolfgang Kroner, will also develop adaptations and extensions for SAP cloud solutions through partners make "dramatically easier ".

Anthesis boss Inge Kipping explained that even existing customers ByDesign - which itself belongs Anthesis - the technological development would be welcomed. Also, the acquisition of new customers, she believes, is still possible, “if you told them the job well enough.”

That the transformation at least brings uncertainties, but was also acknowledged in the conference call. So be sure, for example, a large effort for SAP and its partners to make the transition smooth for customers. Moreover, the time at which permeated the case to the public, was safely unhappy. Still, there is the part of SAP's no roadmap for the future of ByDesign. How long could take the transition phase, i.e. still in the stars, as well as the partners had to admit today. And if the “new engine" for Business ByDesign, and other cloud solutions, then really goes well, the ERP giant has yet to prove it. (Hansjorg Maron)

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