Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mobilizing Your Enterprise with SAP

Mobilizing Your Enterprise with SAP
The mobile revolution is everywhere, and now’s the time to learn about how you can apply it to SAP. Whether you’re a manager or an SAP consultant/developer charged with mobilizing an enterprise, this is the book you need to get started right now. Discover the different types of mobile solutions that SAP offers, and get detailed, expert insights on the concepts and technologies involved in the development of mobile applications, such as Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP), SAP NetWeaver Gateway, SAP Afaria, and others. With this introduction, you’ll be ready to make your way in an unwired world.

  1. Mobile Strategy Benefit from expert guidance and practical recommendations for developing a mobile enterprise strategy.
  2. SAP Mobile Platform Understand the main components of the SAP Mobile Platform, including Sybase Unwired Platform, SAP Afaria, and SAP NetWeaver Gateway.
  3. SAP Mobile Applications in Action Familiarize yourself with some of SAP’s key mobile applications, and learn how their features can help your business.
  4. SAP Mobile Application Development Get an introduction to the world of SAP mobile development: mobile business objects, Data, and more.
  5. Hybrid and Native Applications Explore your options for hybrid versus native applications, and get specific examples of how to build both.

Highlights Include:
  • Mobile enterprise strategy
  • Mobile application categories
  • SAP Mobile Platform
  • Sybase Unwired Platform
  • SAP Afaria
  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway
  • Examples of SAP mobile applications
  • Mobile security
  • OData
  • MBOs
  • Hybrid Web Container development
  • Native development

About the Author

Sanjeet Mall is a chief architect for Mobile Applications in the Mobile Application Unit at SAP, where his focus is to create architecture and technology that Enables rapid mobile application development. In over ten years at SAP, he has worked in almost all areas of the software lifecycle: development, architecture, consulting, product management, and management.

Tzanko Stefanov is a principal architect at Open Text, where he is responsible for integration with SAP products. His focus has been on enabling the next generation of Open Text solutions to run on mobile devices and platforms. Prior to that, what Tzanko employed at SAP, where he worked in several different leadership roles in the areas of SAP NetWeaver and SAP CRM.

Stanley Stadelman is the product manager for the SAP Mobile Platform, Which is focused on the definition and delivery of the technologies that are the backbone of SAP's mobility strategy. Prior to the integration of Sybase into SAP, he was the product manager for Sybase Unwired Platform and worked in the strategic initiatives group, where he focused on emerging technologies. In mobile, analytics, messaging, cloud, and social applications and infrastructure

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