Tuesday, 5 February 2013

SAP Afaria Mobile Devices Management Solution

SAP Afaria Mobile Devices Management Solution
SAP AG has unveiled the latest version of SAP Afaria, the solution of mobile device management. Improvements in this solution of corporate mobility management (EMM for its acronym in English) include greater integration capability and distribution business to manage and effectively ensure the large number of devices that users themselves take the place of job. To address the growing use of corporate mobile apps, SAP will include new designs of self and apps to provide a user experience similar to the portals of consumer apps and therefore familiar to the user.

According to Forrester Research, Inc., more than two thirds of information professionals from North America and Europe choose personally using smartphones and tablets to work. To respond to this trend, companies are developing programs bring your own device (BYOD) requiring a solution EMM mature and highly scalable and available both on-premise mode and in the cloud, to manage and secure way effective all mobile devices and apps entering the workplace.

It is expected that the latest version of SAP Afaria provides key benefits for companies:

Business Integration

Better integration with directories, providing connection to multiple and disparate directories for authentication and user assignments to trust policies and simplifies the process of onboarding device users in distributed system environments. It is envisaged that the distribution of values ​​of data stored in directory are used for setting policies to devices incorporating coordinate BYOD.

Improved email access control and repair of devices designed to provide greater scalability and security for large organizations that have multiple components for access control in a distributed environment.

Certificate Management with PKIs extended to provide secure and granular control over the management and delivery of certificates.

Application Management

Improvements to the Apps portal designed to simplify the user experience by providing an environment that is familiar and can be developed with the company brand, while increasing the efficiency of the mobile worker to guide and instruct users on how to leverage mobile applications more beneficial for their role in the organization

New API for SAP Afaria and benefits of policies aimed at apps to make the setting "without intervention", so that administrators can create and deploy secure applications without requiring users to enter configuration information, such as username, domain or server address. This will help to significantly reduce calls to the help desk and create a more pleasant experience.

IT Services for enterprise devices and BYOD

Updates the self-service portal to simplify the interface used by mobile users to integrate and manage their devices and enable organizations to build their own custom interfaces.

Extensive support for SAFE Samsung Android devices, which are planned for additional security capabilities and email

Improvements for iOS to provide improvements in the jailbreak detection, and support in the regions with higher prevalence of jailbroken devices, configuration and enhanced iOS application management capabilities.

The SAP Rapid Deployment solution Afaria is available to accelerate software deployment with pre-configured and predefined services.

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