Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Discover ABAP: A Practical Introduction

Discover ABAP: A Practical Introduction
ABAP learning made easy, without any prior knowledge! This introductory book covers all the relevant ABAP language elements in compact and concise learning units. On the basis of a consistent practice example you build from the first page your own programming solutions. Numerous examples and useful tips and tricks are the guarantor for your progress, so you will soon celebrate its first successes with self-written source code.

This 3rd Edition is based on ABAP 7.0 EHP2 and contains classic ABAP techniques also information on related topics such as Web Dynpro, enhancement packages, Enterprise Services, etc.

From the contents:

  • Data Dictionary and ABAP Editor
  • Fields and calculations
  • Modification of strings and string operations
  • Reckon with time and date, amounts and currencies
  • Transparent database tables and internal tables
  • Program Flow and Logical Expressions
  • Selection Screens
  • Debugging and modularization of programs
  • Reports automatically start
  • Advanced Topics


"Discover ABAP" is a solid beginner’s guide to the first contact with the programming dinosaur. Training covers the basic functions, allowing the reader to understand after reading the book ABAP code and can write your own code. Programming skills in another language, although an advantage but not a must. Some rethinking would be necessary anyway in specific aspects. Try it suitable for fast ABAP not. This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

About the Author

Karl-Heinz Kuhnhauser worked according to the doctrine as an industrial clerk and studying Economics and Statistics as a freelancer in the field of software development and system architectures, initially in the field of mainframes, later in the SAP area. He was managing partner of RGS GmbH & Co. KG, an SAP services partner. His knowledge of over 1,000 training days he passed as a lecturer for SAP application development and human resource management at the University of Applied Sciences Ansbach and a member of the working group and instructor of the Audit Committee of the Chamber of Commerce. He had project experience from numerous customer projects and industry experience in the areas of trade, banking and insurance, to government service. Karl-Heinz Kuhnhauser died unexpectedly in July 2009.

Thorsten Franz is SAP mentor and software architect at AOK Systems GmbH For more than ten years, he worked as a developer, architect, consultant and project manager in ABAP development projects. The focus is on the creation of large SAP applications and SAP-based industry solutions. His special attention to the creation of future-oriented application and enterprise architectures based on SAP NetWeaver and the opportunities to use them for new applications. In his previous projects, he worked with a broad cross-section of SAP applications and technologies, from the classics of the SAP Business Suite to cloud-based, mobile and in-memory solutions. Thorsten Franz is a regular speaker at international developer conferences.

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