Sunday, 28 July 2013

SAP plans to reach Berlin Creative

Partial relocation to the capital?

The SAP headquarters Walldorf is "off the beaten track". The said company founder Hasso Plattner. But the software giant constantly needs new impulses - and I will be in the future much more strongly represented in the creative city of Berlin.

SAP plans to reach Berlin Creative
The software giant SAP reached its founder Hasso Plattner, according to the headquarters little creative minds - and should therefore concentrate more on Berlin. "One is in Walldorf just something off the beaten path, and therefore there is less creative impulses," said the chairman of the board of the "World On Sunday". He added: "SAP would have a lot more play in Germany Berlin Map The young people want to stop rather spend their next years in the big city.."

A relocation of corporate headquarters in the capital, according to him, although there is no discussion. "We must use the momentum for innovation in other locations more." SAP had recently announced the European co-head Snabe will give up his post. The employee has since been concern that SAP could shift away from Walldorf and to the USA.

Plattner also sees the future of the group rather elsewhere. "In the old days of SAP did not care where we have programmed our software," he said of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" in regard to the place of Dax Group. "Today we have to occur globally in order to have success."

Not only globally, but also economical, SAP plans to occur in the future. The Board sent an appeal off to the appropriate employees. Even when traveling and external service providers are limited, construction of the offices to be moved.

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