Friday, 26 July 2013

UNIORG relies on SAP Business Suite, powered by SAP HANA

The longtime partners and SAP full-service provider UNIORG decided after several successfully implemented SAP HANA projects for its customers, completely convert its own SAP system landscape for SAP Business Suite, powered by SAP HANA. 

With SAP HANA, SAP offers a sophisticated central in-memory platform that makes it possible to analyze large amounts of data in the shortest possible time and cost while reducing the complexity of their IT landscape.

UNIORG relies on SAP Business Suite, powered by SAP HANA
The system conversion at UNIORG affects the entire organization, from order entry through to financial accounting and controlling. Also the 150 salaried employees UNIORG will use the new software for project acquisition.

"By switching to this viable platform, we hope to significantly better performance and an excellent base for downstream mobile applications that are just for an IT service provider of great importance," UNIORG CEO Thomas Weber is convinced.

The reasons for the change are, however, complex and not due solely to their own business needs. "We see ourselves as an innovator within the SAP ecosystem committed to play a leading role and to use this pioneering step to provide our customers about the theory can also bind to advice," adds Weber. "We are convinced that SAP HANA is a pioneering technology revolutionizes with a variety of complementary scenarios the global market for business enterprise solutions and lasting effect."

Last but not least UNIORG has decided to implement the SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA to support its customers competent in developing their own strategies for and with SAP HANA can. In addition UNIORGs support organization in the last year has received SAP certification "Partner Center of Expertise" (PCOE). Thus UNIORG has proven that the service and support organization, and the processes associated with the fundamental and binding global standards of the SAP.


The companies of Dortmund UNIORG Group ( provide the company with about 150 employees in all industries and sizes, a wide array of products and services for the solution and implementation of all requirements in the design, construction, modernization and operation of enterprise IT systems arise. This includes all aspects of classic SAP consulting, data center services, managed services, integrated e-business solutions and enterprise-wide integration of business information systems. For more than 38 years of certified SAP partner enjoys an excellent reputation with its customers. These include well-known companies such as Atlas Copco, Eaton, Philips and Yazaki and numerous medium-sized companies in various industries, including ASK Chemicals, EJOT, Hasco, VEKA or Wilo.


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