Tuesday, 23 July 2013

SAP introduces roadmap for HANA in-memory database

SAP has introduced a roadmap for its HANA in-memory database. In a 51-page document, the Walldorf software company goes into his plans, but without naming specific time window. He also noted that there could still be changes at any time.

SAP introduces roadmap for HANA in-memory database
First, SAP is planning improvements for the Business Suite, more integration with real-time data-Platforms and improved support for third party products. New are also planned in the modeling, with the manageability and feasibility. And the platform will grow better together with other Big Data technologies. To this end, SAP plans to optimize about the native support of Hadoop.

Longer term perspective, Business Suite are better adapted to the functional level to the real-time technology. Users will give more choice and flexibility in deployment of SAP HANA. More interoperability for R, better fracture orientation, and new features for AFL (Application Function Library) are amongst other features, also planned.

With stronger integration of Sybase PowerDesigner and Sybase IQ also the manageability of HANA to be optimized. Future would be to embed the technology from Sybase IQ in HANA. New was to be expected even with HANA analytics applications, as well as predictive, it said.

SAP has already published some service packs for HANA. Presumably, the above functions are also being rolled out gradually in the form of packs such features.

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