Tuesday, 14 August 2012

IT Best Practices for Financial Managers

Praise for IT best practices

"The CFO work revolves around the company's financial systems. Ms. Roehl-Anderson, two key aspects of these systems is the last offer, to buy and how to install. Book covers all ERP, service, shared services, support, and software, including controls, such as those systems. And mind of a boy as a bonus, the book includes a scope of the acquisition of information technology issues. This is a final document. "-Steve Bragg, CFO, XeDAR Corporation, and the author of the best accounting practices

"Wise Industries, Jan and his team of project managers a highly qualified, advice software selection, implementation, deployment and convenient for constant updates, have not yet submitted a This comprehensive guide is an invaluable reference guide for all financial executives and IT Project Manager to undertake the implementation of ERP.. "- Valerie Borthwick, former senior vice president, Oracle Consulting

"Written by one of the best in the IT industry, this book is a must read for all CFOs and controllers. As a single unit of a financial manager needs to know about IT and finance covers respect to the function, practical guidelines, current issues and best practices in IT provides. This book covers everything. "Jo-Marie Dancik, Regional Managing Partner (retired), Ernst & Young

From the Inside

In recent years, systems with a large amount of change in the world, closely following the latest trends and best practices in the financing system is incredibly difficult to stay. CFOs and controllers, a complete guide to drastically reduce their incomes and expenditures, improve efficiency based on organizational, financial, IT best practices for administrators to define action plans for different stages of safety net, social planning, design, construction, testing and deployment, including information technology, and to increase security and privacy control CFO looks at the roles and responsibilities.

Safe Practices and attentive, and the best for IT managers, financial systems secure, reliable, and financial systems, budget and time available for the application, one of the most important aspects of the work focuses on the CFO.

The application offers a talk time of your coverage:
  • For the importance of IFRS and CFO
  • Process of technology planning for IT
  • ERP software selection
  • The process of deploying software
  • Critical success factors for computer applications
  • People away from "traps" from
  • Shared services and financial systems
  • Trend towards globalization of IT costs
  • Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley financial systems applications
  • The phenomenon of software as a service
  • E-commerce
  • Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and computer

Technology is constantly changing; this information is about the only constant. Affect the function of best practices of funding for financial management information system to provide financial executives with an understanding of some of the most important areas of focus. Selection, implementation and systems of good practice for the management of these exact jargons, a detailed guide through the work of IT in all areas to add value to organizations to help managers financing.

About the Author

Janice Roehl-Anderson, director of the Company with practical applications in the northeastern Pacific, Deloitte. In this state, is responsible for facilitating the provision of services related to ERP. January Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP and Siebel, as many enterprise resource planning, customer relationship manage-ment and man management packages software resources, managed the implementation. O of consumer, media and entertainment, communications, high-tech manufacturing, financial institutions, including state and local governments and the global system has over twenty years of relevant experience in a variety of industries. He has authored over ten books by John Wiley & Sons, and successfully completed the CPA exam.

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