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Transforming HR: Creating value through people (The HR Series)

Transforming HR: Creating value through people (The HR Series)
Human resource functions, organizations are under pressure to deliver more value and convert it. Transformation program of high quality internal human resource capacity development and appropriate people to provide support for outsourcing, effective use of technology. HR transformation is designed around the shape of the brush off, even if some of the ideas of change and transformation of human resources and sound business advice on how to realize that there is significant demand for communities.

The purpose of this book, therefore, for organizations to help ensure a successful transformation of human resources is to provide a proven track record. The authors, leading experts in human resources and transformation of a wide range of organizations are supported end to end HR transformation. In your experience, by providing practical tools, guides the reader through the transformation process, techniques and frameworks to support important decisions and to create lasting change. Using tools and techniques presented in case studies with practical examples. Furthermore, the authors, Oracle Human Resources, Royal Bank of Scotland has opened a high level of transformation based on interviews with human resource professionals to expand the points practitioners of each chapter with prospects of National Grid Transco, NCH, Nextel, ESS Support Services Worldwide, Cable & Wireless, the London Stock Exchange, MBNA, Marconi Corporation and Schlumberger.
  • Written by driing transformation of HR professionals
  • Use tools and techniques the practical examples through case studies shows
  • Practitioner unique perspective in each section


To cope with change to help promote the profession of management to determine the equivalent to a kind of Viagra for the conversion of human resources Reddington, Williamson and Withers A Practical Guide. John Philpott
Chief Economist, CIPD

Written in a concise and pragmatic change in HR transformation is an important tool to demystify business. Also highly recommended drivers. I key compliance and human resources development for companies provides a major.
Rami Cassis, CEO, Atos Consulting, Business Process Outsourcing

Is a valuable book for those who want to convert function? many HR tools and technical manuals, workshops, and implements

Such a change has been a series of views of professionals.

Bujko January, John Lewis Partnership, the National Health Service in Travel and previous experience with Kuon, employee training and development specialist in the public sector

Provides. Clients and their stakeholders following a logical guide to keep the soil in your hand supporting everything you need to do a book focusing on all the need to ensure that all BIT!
Martin Moore, Director of Human Resources, British Museum

Accessible and practical, authors of Human Resources about the many experiences have changed, and draw a large number of frameworks and tools written to provide a clear action plan. It's really a "how for a book like this for all HR professionals should be "is"!
Jerry Arnott, managing director of the board of origin (formerly HR specialist as part of National Grid, Cable & Wireless and LloydsTSB)

This book is a practical reality, a vague idea of ​​HR professionals and consultants to move the "transformation of human resources" to help you meet the challenge. Supported by clear guidelines on the process of practical application of theory is presented as common sense.
Terry Haskins, general manager level (previously Senior HR professional Shell and Cable & Wireless)

"... From personal experience, a success (HR) transformation is something that should be on set all HR professionals to provide human resources provide excellent practical orientation."
- E-Learning Age

"... The HR function for the review of current operations and future milestones and deadlines, defines programs nuts and bolts."
- HR Magazine


A proven track record in helping organizations to ensure a successful transformation of the HR.

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