Friday, 3 August 2012

SAP HR Time Management: Technical Reference and Learning Guide

The User Settings menu and a comprehensive technical manual that describes each node pakettir. Ilk complete book on how it relates to other concepts in a concept of how to use and provides an overview of what you describe. Then, the node configuration fields, describes the properties. This book is designed to be used both as a reference guide and a tutorial. Which is a tutorial for a different audience four times, and each offers. For more detailed information on this subject can read from the perspective of senior management, and how SAP concepts for them, and how SAP yapabilirsiniz.

Is process owners to perform different tasks you can achieve a highest level of understanding more about learning. Users can perform different tasks and concepts that underlie them; you can get a full understanding. Consultants and functional, and domain users can read the book to fully understand the system. As a technical reference book content, index, "SAP menu" and Customization Guide "practice of SAP (IMG) with the table to find the relevant documents may be used. Last two or user menu vardir. Okuyucu a table of contents in the configuration of the SAP, the number of section nodes' SAP Menu "and" IMG "can be found. A node is included in the book does not mention the cause. SAP HR and SAP DOCUMENTATION -application time can also be guided by the structure of this book.

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