Wednesday, 1 August 2012

HR Personnel Planning and Development Using SAP

This reference work is an exciting planning the most important personnel and development function within SAP provides a comprehensive overview. If you distribute, you need to customize or optimize internal control systems, this book is effective in the real world of ideas will help you learn the basic concepts for planning and staff development provides. This book is supported by the SAP HR processes and to make choices, and many practical examples and key indicators to measure your success will help to offer.

The instant identification of these roles in an organization as an explanation of the direction and depth of critical concepts in use. Alternatively, the full potential of e-Learning and SEM, explore new solutions. HR teams, a perfect companion for project managers and consultants, this book is the 4.6CR / 3 and is based on extensive practical experience. In addition, the company R / 3 and SAP Enterprise Portal is available to include further improvements.

Features of HR Personnel Planning and Development Using SAP:

  • Building Employee Self Service (ESS)

  • Description of duties

  • Make the most of SAP workflow

  • Technical payroll

  • SAP BW, SEM, and the other to maximize integration

  • How to improve consultation

  • The new R / 3 Enterprise and Innovation Portal

  • Special characteristics of public sector

  • E-Learning and Learning Management Systems Guide

  • Best practices, special tips, critical success factors, and more!

About the Author

Sven Ringling and Christian LA ¼ bke provides complementary services to SAP HR iProCon GmbH, are directors. IDS Scheer AG is already the center of Directors and staff of national and international human resources was more than ten years of combined experience. Moreover, the Christian Kra Sea, the former chief of staff of IDS Scheer AG, SAP solutions and human resources has many years of experience of e-learning process. IProCon GmbH is currently senior advisor.

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