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Applied Oracle Security: Developing Secure Database and Middleware Environments

Applied Oracle Security: Developing Secure Database and Middleware Environments
On the forefront of leading technical experts in Oracle security

This Oracle Press guide a secure database, and shows the practical applications of the most difficult environments for developing Oracle middleware. You are auditing Oracle database and vaults, including Oracle Application Express and secure business intelligence applications can find complete coverage of Oracle's latest and most popular.

Applied Oracle Security is needed to create today's world requires a sophisticated computer applications and installation of various Oracle technologies are presented to create. Most technical references CT a single product or product packaging. Another product or family of products as a package to work with not a road map for how to explain it. This book is based middleware and database products from Oracle and security fields, fills this gap.

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Written by leading experts in Oracle security, Oracle, this guide shows how to develop security applications for Oracle, press environment. Applied Oracle Security Oracle Database, Oracle Database Vault, Oracle ID Management, Oracle Application Express and Oracle Business Intelligence Suite describes the security features the highest level. This authoritative resource, the protection of data and applications using proven strategies.
  • The transparent use of Oracle data encryption to protect sensitive information
  • One strategy is to establish an audit firm is compatible with the implementation of Oracle Audit Vault
  • Oracle Database Vault with Oracle database, best practices, building designers
  • Oracle Database Vault security controls for new and existing applications Apply
  • A simple and practical method for using the identity management architecture of a database Develop
  • Apply the Oracle Identity Manager to automate the user provisioning
  • The next generation of users with Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle Virtual Directory to create directories
  • Applications with Oracle Application Express to create the security database security in this harness
  • The integrated Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, and identity management solutions and data features to control user access

About the Author

David C. Knox Division of Engineering Solutions Oracle North America senior director of sales and consulting.

Scott G. Gaetjen Oracle Security (NSG), the National Group, a coach.

Hamza Jahangir since 2004 was led security specialist Oracle.

Tyler Muth specializing in database and application security architects a solution with Oracle in the public sector.

Patrick Sack, vice president of technology and technology, manages the National Security Oracle Product Engineering Department.

Richard Wark, CISSP, Technology Business Unit, Oracle is a technical director.

Bryan Wise, a business intelligence solution for the specialist division of Oracle in the public sector.

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